When you consider all the choices you have when it comes to eye care, the sheer number of options is overwhelming. Let us help you make a wise choice. We believe there are several primary elements to consider when choosing an eye care specialist team.

The Doctors

Our doctors are William V. Cheslock, O.D. and John N. Cheslock, O.D.; an Uncle and Nephew team that makes Cascade Eye Care a truly family run business. William has been working with vision patients for over 33 years and John joined the team 11 years ago. Their goal is to make sure you receive the very best care and treatment available, period.

The Instruments

New technology in optical care has evolved to very high performance eye examination instruments. One of the newly acquired instruments allows us to capture images of your eyes and display them on computer so you can understand what the Doctor is explaining. Once we capture those images, we save them as a permanent record to serve as a reference for measuring your vision progress. This is all done without forced dilation of the pupil.

The Exam Process

An eye exam should be an experience that is informative, comfortable and professional. The services available to you at Cascade Eye Care have been created with you in mind. Our instruments are state of the art technology, the rooms that you enter are clean, inviting and comfortable, and the staff verbally walks you through the process and answers the questions you have.

The Support Staff

We know when someone walks through our door for the first time, we have a short time to make a positive impression. This cannot be cheated; in other words, there is no way to fake the personal touch day after day…exemplary character has to be a core value and you will find that here at Cascade Eye Care. Our clinic has a “no nonsense” business ethic. No gimmicks, no hype and no “special deals” with hidden agendas. We work diligently to provide quality service at reasonable prices. Our staff is incredible and will provide you with timely and courteous service every time you visit.

Eyeglass and Contact Selection

When you need glasses or contacts, there is one thing on your mind…choices. We have a superior selection of eye-wear or contacts that fit any preference.

At Cascade Eye Care, you, the customer, make the difference! We’re proud to help you care for your all your vision needs. Furthermore, we are elated that we can provide a service that you are confident to tell others about.