About Us

Cascade Eye Care, located in Longview, WA, is a work in progress. Our humble beginnings are ever present and we have not forgotten that our business is successful because of our customers. We realize there is no shortage of Eye Care facilities in the local area. We also realize that  excellent Eye Care is not an accident.

Our responsibility as an Eye Care provider is to continually recreate our business to better serve our customers. This means investing in the most current technology, continuous education of our doctors and staff, and maintain and upgrade our facility to ensure the excellence of experience our customers receive when they visit us.

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Our Doctors

Eye Doctor
Bill Cheslock

billanddeidreDr. Bill has been in practice over 3o years. He graduated from Pacific University in 1977. Bill has been married over 27 years to his wife Deidre. They have four amazing children, Cole, Jordyn, Mercedes and Ian. Dr. Bill is very active in several community organizations as well.

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Eye Doctor
John Cheslock

John CheslockJohn and his wife, Sarah, were married in December, 2000, and have three children, Sophia, John William “Will”, and Claire.  He enjoys most sports, hunting, classic cars and family time.  Having a good sense of humor he enjoys talking about the antics of his kids.


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Our Staff

Billing Department

Cascade Eye Care Billing Department. Shown is Cole, Deidre and Wendy.

Our billing department performs many tasks behind the scenes, but the most vital is ensuring the accuracy of our patient billing. They are also responsible for making sure your insurance companies are billed accurately and timely. Should you see them on your next visit, please say hello to Wendy, Cole and Deidre!


Eye Exam
Special Testing and Pre Testing

Cascade Eye Care Special Testing and Pre Testing Team.

These are our technicians that prepare the patient for testing. They are specially trained to use our most important equipment and testing machines. They are also responsible for guiding you through the testing process and into the proper exam rooms. Be sure to say hello to Stacy, Kimberlie and Kathy!


Front Desk

Cascade Eye Care Front Desk Group.

Our front desk and reception staff are here to serve our clients. The reception staff is a vital part of our success at Cascade Eye Care, from answering telephones to making appointments you can count on them to make your experience a positive one. When your in next be sure to say hello to Stacy, Jamie, Leah, Kimberlie and Kathy!


Optical Department

Cascade Eye Care Optical Department. Longview, Washington

Our group of Optical experts are directly responsible for ensuring that your glasses or contacts are right for you. They handle everything from ordering hardware to delivering glasses directly to the patient. Our optical department works directly with manufacturing companies ensuring our patients are receiving the highest quality of product available. Be sure to give them a smile next time you visit; Bernice, Laurie, Jamie and Leah!